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What exactly is a restaurant uniform? The importance of restaurant uniforms often overlooked by enterprises. Even if you have never worked in any restaurant industry, you will have an impression of restaurant uniforms. restaurant uniforms are your first impression of a restaurant. They can instantly convey your brand message to your guests, and at the same time, it can also make employees working in your restaurant uniforms more united and improve your work efficiency.

restaurant Uniforms - modern changes and trends

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In the old days, chefs and wait staff of catering practitioners would already wear restaurant uniforms.​

restaurant uniforms used by chefs to identify their positions, and they also have the effect of heat insulation, which protects the chef during cooking. With the booming catering industry today, more and more catering programs appear in the media, and the rise of famous chefs/famous restaurants has forced the overall quality of the catering industry to be improved. In addition to the original functionality, restaurant uniform, aprons and other catering uniforms no longer only focus on the functionality, but also require employees to dress comfortably and look good, and have gradually become indispensable for creating a professional and holistic restaurant.
Whether a high-end restaurant or a market snack shop, traditional catering uniforms such as white restaurant uniforms and black waiter uniforms are no longer the only choices for catering companies. Major catering brands have also noticed the market trend, agreeing that in addition to considering the safety of catering uniforms themselves, they can also attract customers’ needs and attention through more stylish and modern restaurant uniforms.
restaurant uniforms can create an overall atmosphere for the restaurant and effectively enhance consumers’ impression of the corporate brand. The following will explain what you need to pay attention to when designing restaurant uniforms.

restaurant uniform - design restaurant uniform

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restaurant uniform - colors

restaurant uniform with black as the main color are popular among restaurant. In addition to the effect of modifying the body, black also has the effect of being stain-resistant. For catering employees who need to work in the outdoor area, there is no need to worry about the appearance of the uniform after being soiled. In addition to black, many catering companies will also choose colors that are unique or consistent with the restaurant brand to impress consumers.
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restaurant uniform - fabrcis

To achieve the effect of heat insulation, the restaurant uniform are design to be thicker. But working in a hot environment like kitchen, or restaurant uniforms with poor heat dissipation will have the opposite effect. Therefore, many catering companies now use lightweight fabrics to make uniforms, making it easier for employees to work. When you order restaurant uniform, many companies also choose to sew cool fabrics on the underarms, side panels, back shoulders, back folds, and other places that are prone to sweating, to strengthen the characteristics of sweat absorption and ventilation, and reduce the chef’s work in a high-temperature environment. toil.

In addition to being ventilated, breathable, and sweat-absorbing, good fabrics have a better feel to the skin, and they also need to be washable in cleaning.

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restaurant uniform - cutting

In the past, restaurant uniform were usually long-sleeved, double-breasted buttons. This design protects the hands from heat source burns, and when the outer layer is accidentally soiled, the inner layer can be replaced with the outer layer to maintain a clean image. Of course, over time, buttons have slowly transformed into single-row, short-sleeved, and even zipper designs. There are even tailored restaurant uniform designed specifically for women.

In terms of functionality, there are different considerations including the design of long and short sleeves, the size of the pockets, and even buttons. The chef can also pull off the clothes immediately when there is danger.

restaurant uniform - the purpose of customizing restaurant uniform

A good restaurant uniform can not only help at work but also bring a more distinctive professional brand image to the guests, which is worth thinking about by restaurant owners.

【restaurant uniform】| 「Zenus Uniform」

restaurant uniform — FAQ

First and foremost, of course, is comfort. Especially restaurant uniform, restaurant employees wear uniforms but also move around and serve customers. Uncomfortable uniforms not only make employees uncomfortable but also may affect work efficiency.

Every industry is different. In addition to being broken, it should be replaced if there is a peculiar smell or serious discoloration. When guests sometimes go to restaurants to eat, when they see employees wearing torn clothes or clothes with peculiar smells, they want to hurry up. Leave quickly, or even stop patronizing.
The quantity of stock for custom-made uniforms is not fixed. The restaurant uniform of company are paid by employees, and employees can take them away when they leave the company (few in the catering industry). For such regulations, it is necessary to take into account the turnover rate of employees and the general attrition rate to estimate, and the short-term store exhibition plan Painting will affect the reserve.
The integrity of employee uniforms is to match the restaurant positioning, decoration style, and preferably the color of the corporate identity. In addition to strengthening the professional image of large restaurant uniform, there are also marketing effects.

restaurant uniform should be changed regularly and kept clean. In particular, the work clothes of operators who come into contact with directly ingested food should be changed daily.