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baseball jersey | custom baseball jersey are not only game uniforms for baseball players, but also represent the impression style of the team. Many baseball teams also add elements of their team names to their baseball jersey designs to highlight the team's external image. For baseball, baseball jersey are not only worn by players in the game, but also worn by coaches and staff in the team. Therefore, baseball jersey are not only game jerseys for the entire baseball match, but also represent the spirit of the entire team. Symbol, so many baseball teams also pay special attention to the design of their baseball jersey.

baseball jersey | custom baseball jersey – Baseball is an outdoor sport that also places great emphasis on running and speed. In addition to good breathability, baseball jersey should be more comfortable for athletes to wear. The impact on running mainly depends on the design changes. To make a good baseball jersey, in addition to conforming to the image of the team in design, it must also allow baseball players to give full play to their strength, both are indispensable. Zenus Uniform has professional jersey designers who can solve your troubles when making baseball jersey.
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baseball jersey ‧ customized

Zenus Uniform specializes in custom-made baseball jersey for various sports teams. All of them are made of high-quality materials and printed and dyed using high-end sublimation technology. Dye sublimation technology can print any design, any color. Zenus Uniform has a team of professional baseball jersey designers to provide a one-stop customized baseball shirt service, from design, and manufacturing to shipping, to create a unique baseball jersey for customers.

The baseball shirts in the market are mainly shirts, so baseball jersey are also called baseball shirts. Why baseball shirts become the most popular style of baseball jersey? Baseball originated in the United States. At the beginning, it was a button-up shirt with a collar, and it gradually evolved into a button-down shirt with a round neck. Later, the name and number were printed on the back. People are accustomed to the design of baseball shirts with shirts as the main body, but only make changes in fabric and design.

baseball jersey ‧ style

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baseball jersey ‧ materials

baseball jersey ‧ mesh

Non-bleaching quick-drying sports fabric with moderate thickness, commonly used in different sportswear. The fabric has a thicker mesh that provides very good breathability. Its moisture-wicking properties quickly wick away sweat, making it more comfortable to exercise. Mesh fabrics for sportswear are mostly used to increase the design of the clothing or increase the air permeability, and are usually used for heat dissipation.

baseball jersey ‧ dry-fit

Dry-fit fabrics is a commonly used sports fabric. The mesh has fine star points and has high air permeability. The fabric will not discolor, shrink or deform, thus greatly improving durability. The fibers absorb and dissipate the sweat on the surface of the skin quickly through the core absorption, diffusion and transmission functions, so that the fabric is quick-drying, and the heat of the body is discharged at the same time, so that the skin remains dry and cool.

Why do we choose sublimation printing for custom baseball jersey?

The “sublimation” printing technology refers to that after the clothing designer has designed, the printed pattern and the white fabric are pasted into the roll printing machine, and the ink is vaporized at high temperature and high pressure and then attached to the fabric fiber, so that the dye in the gaseous state can be Entering the functional fabric through the precise calculation of the permeability, this step is called “sublimation”.

As one of the sports with a unique team style in design, a baseball jersey can be imagined as a piece of white paper, and the “sublimation” printing technology is to “sublime” all patterns, colors, texts, etc. to the surface of the sportswear, which is also the most popular sportswear manufacturing technology in the world’s sports circles.

Athletes who have color requirements when ordering baseball jersey can personally color the cloth. Because the color and cloth color in the computer design drawing will also be different, to ensure that the printing color meets the requirements, it is recommended to contact our customer service specialist to arrange a time to check the cloth color in our store.

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【baseball jersey】 | custom baseball jersey | Zenus Uniform

baseball jersey | custom baseball jersey — FAQ

baseball jersey are generally based on quick-drying materials for sports, and quick-drying materials are also subdivided into raindrop cloth, star point cloth, etc. to match different grams.

baseball jersey are mainly printed by dye-sublimation technology. If you have special requirements for color, it is recommended to check with customer service first. Because the printing color may also be affected by the cloth color, resulting in color differences, it is recommended to check the printed color cloth in person at the store.

There is no minimum order quantity for baseball jersey, but the price will also be affected by the order quantity. However, different styles of baseball jersey also accept minimum order. For details, please contact customer service.

baseball jersey – There are mainly two kinds of fabrics, one is mesh fabric; the other is star fabric, both fabrics have their advantages and disadvantages, and many people choose mesh fabric as a sports jersey because the price is more affordable.

baseball jersey – Zenus Uniform has the most professional jersey designers, we can provide different design drawings to baseball players who have no design concept, and also provide free modification services, so that baseball players who do not know how to design have a fashionable A practical baseball jersey.