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football jersey | custom football jersey

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football jersey | custom football jersey are a complete set of sports that a jersey man should have at a sports meeting. The clothing represents a good team, and has the expressiveness and wearability of the store, making our fans very comfortable to wear. Considering the design of the athletes, it should not affect the other designs of the football jersey, not the professional design of the jersey.

Zenus Uniform football jersey | custom football jersey are made of high-quality materials and printed and dyed by high-end sublimation technology. Dye sublimation technology can print any design, any color. Zenus Uniform has a team of professional jersey designers to provide a one-stop custom jersey service, from design, and manufacturing to shipping, to create a unique jersey for customers.
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football jersey |
custom football jersey

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Friends who love football, if they wear a uniquely designed football jersey to play for their club and team, a sense of pride and a sense of belonging is due to the stylish football shirt. And students, to perform more hard on the field. In addition, football shirts have also become daily clothes. If you wear a football jersey carefully designed by your club to go shopping, it will be unique or make you a fashionable family.

football jersey — original and innovative style

Athletes and students have an experience in customizing jerseys and sportswear. How to design a set of sports jerseys, baseball jerseys, football jerseys, team jerseys, class jerseys, cycling jerseys, bowling jerseys, and sublimation jerseys are affordable and high-quality, fully customized, sweat-wicking and breathable, and have a variety of styles.

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Why choose sublimation printing for a custom football jersey?

The “sublimation” printing technology refers to that after the clothing designer has designed, the printed pattern and the white fabric are pasted into the roll printing machine, and ink are vaporized at high temperature and high pressure and then connected to the fabric fiber, so that the dye in the gaseous state can be Entering the functional fabric through the precise calculation of the permeability, this step is called “sublimation”

You can imagine the jersey as a piece of white paper, and the “sublimation” printing technology is to “sublime” all patterns, colors, texts, etc. to the surface of the sportswear, which is also the most popular sportswear manufacturing technology in the world’s sports circles today.

The sublimation jersey technology has appeared on the sports field for more than 20 years. Today’s world’s top competitions such as FIFA, NBA, and other leagues have been using it for many years. However, due to technical difficulties, expensive equipment, and high cost of consumables, it was not until recent years. Technological breakthroughs, excellent texture, and affordable cost are no longer an unattainable dream.

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【football jersey】 | custom football jersey | 「Zenus Uniform」

football jersey | custom football jersey — FAQ

There are different types of fabrics for a custom football jersey. Zenus Uniform provides a variety of sports performance fabrics, including raindrops, mesh fabrics, milk silk, lycra, etc., which are suitable for different sports according to the characteristics of the materials.

Generally, it takes around 14 working days to order football shirts, depending on the order schedule. Different customized products and quantities may affect the production schedule.

Zenus Uniform’s football jersey are available in children’s clothing and women’s clothing in addition to the general men’s adult size, and the upper and lower body of the shirts can be selected in different sizes for easy matching.

Of course, you are welcome to provide design advice and inspiration, our football jersey design team can design according to your ideas.
Zenus Uniform permanently retains the order information of football jersey, and the price of the same product is the same, unlimited quantity, minimum order for one piece.