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Zenus Uniform provides one-stop volleyball jersey / custom volleyball jersey ordering service, customers can provide volleyball shirt designs , or refer to the company's designated wave shirt design style. There is no limit to the order quantity of volleyball shirts, starting from one piece. Customers can also order only upper body volleyball jersey or volleyball pants. We also provide a variety of different volleyball shirt neckline options, customers can choose a suitable neckline to match your volleyball shirt design.

In the past, the common problems of Hong Kong volleyball jersey / custom volleyball jersey and other jerseys were that it was easy to fade, and the logo and number were hot stamped, which naturally affected the state on the court. Zenus Uniform is now using a new sublimation technology to print jerseys. It heats the sublimation ink to a specified temperature, so that the dye penetrates from the solid state to the vapor state into the polymer pores that have been heated and enlarged. When the temperature is lowered, the dye When it is restored to a solid state, the color can completely penetrate into the surface of the transfer item. In this way, the words on the shirt, LOGO, etc. have also completely become part of the jersey, and naturally there will be no glue that affects the feeling of wearing a volleyball jersey. In addition, the better part of this technology is that the design of the volleyball shirt is very “excellent”, so that there is more room to play in the design of the volleyball shirt.

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volleyball jersey ‧ Type

There are two types of volleyball jersey type  on the playing field and beach volleyball. Here are the types of volleyball jerseys:

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men's short sleeve volleyball jersey

The volleyball jersey consists of a short-sleeved knitted shirt paired with shorts. The numbers on the back of the back are larger than the numbers on the front of the chest.

Sleeveless Men's volleyball jersey

Basically it’s the same as the short sleeve men’s volleyball jersey except it has no sleeves. The purpose is to provide air circulation to make the player more comfortable. Numbers on the back and chest are printed on the back and front. Consists of a sleeveless volleyball shirt and shorts.

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Women's Short Sleeve Volleyball volleyball jersey

This volleyball jersey also includes a short-sleeved shirt and special shorts as a top. For training or indoor volleyball games-custom volleyball jersey . 

Sleeveless Women's custom volleyball jersey

One set includes a custom volleyball jersey sleeveless sweater and women’s shorts. For indoor volleyball games.

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Men's Beach Volleyball jersey

Beach volleyball jersey are significantly different from indoor volleyball shirts. Men’s beach volleyball shirts include beach shorts and tank tops and are more suitable for the beach.

women's sand custom volleyball jersey

Women’s beach volleyball jersey , consisting of a tank top and beach shorts. It may seem sexy, but it supports the movement of athletes who are freer without overheating.

custom volleyball jersey ‧ shape

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custom volleyball jersey ‧ shape

custom volleyball jersey — Rain cloth

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custom volleyball jersey — Mesh cloth

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custom volleyball jersey — Laika

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custom volleyball jersey ‧ your own jersey

Zenus Uniform creates exclusive uniforms for different teams.
You can choose from different styles, or change the color scheme, or even play freely.
As long as you add a little thought, you can be creative.
Show your team’s unique personality and help you excel on the battlefield.

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【volleyball jersey】 | custom volleyball jersey | Zenus Uniform

volleyball jersey | custom volleyball jersey — FAQ

volleyball jersey | custom volleyball jersey — Submit AI format for the most convenient. If JPG and PSD are used, the recommended dpi is 300.

volleyball jersey | custom volleyball jersey — OK. If it is a custom version, it can contain a different name and number. If it is a designated style, an additional fee is required, please contact us for details.

volleyball jersey | custom volleyball jersey — Orders of more than 10 pieces can be printed once after placing the order. If you need to make another print after printing, you need to pay a printing fee of $500. There is no refund for this.

volleyball jersey | custom volleyball jersey — Different printing technologies have different limitations and not all locations can print. Please contact us for details.

volleyball jersey | custom volleyball jersey — Before the customized product enters the production process, the designer will confirm the complete design with the customer, but it is normal to have slight differences with the actual product. Except for the company’s production defects, no return or exchange will be made. Zenus Uniform reserves the right of final decision.