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logistic uniform | delivery uniform — The design principle is first of all clear pertinence: for different industries, different companies in the same industry, different positions in the same company, different identities, genders and so on in the same position. Targeted design differences summarize why people wear them, when they wear logistic uniform, where they wear logistic uniform, why they wear logistic uniform, and what they wear them. what people wear. In addition, what kind of image the company hopes to show to the outside world, these factors will have an impact on the design of the transport uniform.

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logistic uniform | delivery uniform can be divided into: clothes and other material uniforms for work. Pure textiles include natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, wool, and silk; chemical fibers such as viscose, polyester, nylon, acrylic, spandex, polypropylene, vinyl, and Teflon. Blended fabrics refer to fabrics made by mixing two or more of the above materials. Fur uniforms are divided into two categories: natural fur and artificial fur. Natural fur includes animal fur and leather; artificial fur includes plush camel hair, flocking, artificial leather, synthetic leather and other chemical leathers; other materials mainly refer to various wood, chitin, Plastic, metal, etc.
The company’s logistic uniform, unique in design, also reflect the company’s values, such as dark-toned transportation uniforms are the company’s steady style, and bold colors and design styles are the embodiment of the company’s innovative spirit. Show the identity of the wearer or the nature of the work performed by means of uniform color and style. The logo of the uniform serves as the embodiment of the corporate values. Make a positive impact through the media function of the logistic uniform. logistic uniform are an important vehicle for establishing a company’s social image. The advanced stage of company management is cultural management. The first step is corporate image management. Distinctive transport uniforms are a sensory weapon for social public recognition that can help companies attract public attention, turning intangible resources into corporate wealth.

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There are also different types of logistic uniform, which are mainly adjusted according to the needs and types of different customers. In addition, depending on the style of each company, we will customize the style of logistic uniform that are most suitable for your company’s staff.

Zenus Uniform’s specialized logistic uniform provides a one-stop customized transportation uniform service. Our professional logistic uniform design team negotiates the style of logistic uniform with customers. We are meticulous in the production of our factory, to provide customers with the highest quality logistic uniform.

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logistic uniform - long fit short sleeves

The long-length design can be said to be a semi-formal work uniform. Employees can choose buttoned or unbuttoned, and they have a higher degree of freedom in wearing.
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logistic uniform - long sleeve color block

The long-sleeved fabric style can be freely matched with colors for the company. No matter what kind of company image you want to show, the color-blocking style will be your first choice.
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logistic uniform - short sleeve chest pockets

The chest pocket version has two more pockets than other styles. In addition to the difference in appearance, it is also more convenient for employees to work than in other styles.

logistic uniform - made to order

Zenus Uniform’s original intention is to make it easy for customers who wear our logistic uniform to wear them without burden. This is driven by our understanding of the importance of uniforms to corporate image. Therefore, we have specially collected all kinds of different fabrics. Whether you want to make formal logistic uniform for customers, or very functional logistic uniform, our professional team will provide the most suitable advice for you. Our custom service also provides logistic uniform in different sizes, so customers don’t have to worry about finding the right size for you. What are you waiting for if you want to improve your company’s image? Pick a suitable logistic uniform now!
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【logistic uniform】| delivery uniform | 「Zenus Uniform」

logistic uniform | delivery uniform — FAQ

Generally, it takes about 14 working days for custom-made uniform products to be transported, but it depends on the order schedule. Different customized products and quantities may affect the production schedule.

Before the customized product enters the production process, the designer will confirm the complete design with the customer, but it is normal to have slight differences from the actual product. Except for the company’s production defects, no return or exchange will be made, and Zenus Uniform reserves the right to final decision.

Zenus Uniform permanently retains the logistic uniform order information, and the price of the same product is the same, unlimited quantity, minimum order for one piece.

“You create IDEA, I create DESIGNER”, as long as you provide simple instructions and sketches, our professional designers will complete the chef shirt design for you. If no sketches are available, we will do our best to outline the design. We offer a modification service to improve the design.

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