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Zenus Uniform - Custom t shirt or Custom t shirt ,Print your favorite patterns, texts, photos, etc. on the T-shirt, which is different from the traditional couple outfits. Usually, the traditional T-shirt patterns are provided and set by the manufacturer. The dri fit shirts are all customized by providing their own patterns and participating in the design. Therefore, dri fit shirts are more and more popular among young people.

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Custom t shirt · Develop

Custom t shirt – New Development of Personalized Customization in Clothing Industry Personalized customization first originated from the clothing industry, which is called high fashion in foreign countries, and its core value is personalized fashion;In Hong Kong, it is called tailoring, and its core value is fit (individual body type). However, these two customization methods have troublesome customization procedures, long delivery cycles and high prices, which are inconvenient to popularize customized consumption, and cannot meet the increasing practical needs of the personalized market, which is called slow customization. Today, a fast customization model based on fast fashion and password customization is emerging, with websites as the customization platform. The customization program is simple and convenient, and the products keep up with the fashion. The pioneer-type brand network of this model, once launched, is sought after by the market.

Design t shirt · Shopping points

DIY T-shirt graphic design combines graphic design and clothing design. A good T-shirt design work can enrich the variety of product decoration and enhance the value of T-shirts, and can play a better advertising effect, so it is more commercial and practical than traditional painting.At present, there are many types of T-shirt pattern designs, and the most common: 1、Trademark;2、Word;3、Comprehensive。


There are many T-shirts of international brands, and their printing patterns are their own trademarks, which not only advertises the T-shirts, but also plays a decorative role.A trademark is purely plastic art, a sign that marks the origin of a product and the honor of a company. Its shape is simple, small and unified, and it can play the visual language effect that is most easily identified with cultural connotations in an instant. Therefore, the trademark is the advertising spokesperson of the company and product.


Writing is the main tool for the progress of human civilization and one of the crystallizations of human culture. It is a symbol for recording and expressing emotional communication between people.Words are a visual language that is very rich in communication. Due to the long history of words, through historical experience and years of pondering, the words themselves have the beauty of figurative art.T-shirt graphic design or other types of design are all responsible for the important mission of communication function. Font styling is the key to the design of T-shirt text patterns. Whether it is Chinese, English or Arabic numerals, the designer’s concept, conception and intention are integrated with the times, and the cultural connotation expressed is processed through artistic processing with realism, painting and emotion to achieve the following purposes: 1、functions;2、Visually;3、 Aesthetics of the times.


Text, painting, photography, computer stunts, etc. are the means of expression that can best bring visual beauty to human beings. Its function is to attract everyone’s attention, arouse the audience’s psychological reaction, and lead them to the pictures and texts, so as to achieve the desired effect of fashion, personality and cultural connotation from the pattern of the T-shirt.

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Design t shirt · Traditional production

Design t shirt — Screen printing and hot stamping are generally used,Silk screen printing needs to make a plate before printing. On the one hand, the cost of a single piece is high, and on the other hand, there are restrictions on colors, which are generally up to four colors, so the colors are not rich.絲The advantage of silk screen printing is that the paint can be attached to the T-shirt.Hot stamping is to first print the sublimation ink on a special paper with a printer, and then transfer it to the clothes through the hot stamping machine. If the clothes contain less than 70% cotton or do not contain at all Cotton can transfer ink directly to the clothes.If it is cheap transfer paper, the glue will be slightly stronger. In a short time, the clothes will not affect the picture after washing.

The computer desktop typesetting system greatly reduces the production cost of color separation and screening.
Now , production needs to be understated separation and screening.This progress is like the progress from letterpress printing to offset printing in the printing industry, and T-shirt designers get rid of the design constraints of color block patterns,This is the advancement of contemporary technology, and it also puts forward the requirements for T-shirt designers to master digital technology.

Digital printi, equipment mainly includes computers, direct-injection printers, color fixing equipment and corresponding design software and color separation software. The process includes drawing, color matching, jet printing, and color fixing. The color-adjusted pattern can be printed in a few minutes, and the color is bright. The advantage is that suitable for any material,easy and low cost printing.
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Design t shirt | Custom t shirt — FAQ

Design t shirt – summer T-shirts are all short-sleeved, it depends on everyone’s body shape. In this hot summer, the less you wear, the cooler you will be, but this kind of sleeve length is definitely not friendly to girls.Generally, the place where the fat grows is in the front half of the upper arm, so the sleeve length is just right for most girls, so if you want to show thin arms, it is best to choose this sleeve length.
Design t shirt – We’re here to break a stereotype:V-neck must be thinner than the round neck. This statement is sometimes lacking in rigor, because the key to being thin is often the width of the neckline. Looking at the picture above, you can understand the wide round neck on the left, and teach the narrow V-neck on the right to be thinner.
Design t shirt – It can make the person wearing it have self-esteem and a sense of sublime.The benefit is identifiable, conforming to a certain identity.T-shirts generally have the logo of the company, and employees wear it to represent the image of the company.
Design t shirt – The fabric of the T-shirt will definitely affect the visual effect after wearing,T-shirt fabrics on the market are usually cotton, elastane or mixed fabrics. Cotton T-shirts are usually more bulky and thick; elastane is closer to the body and tends to highlight the body curve, and these two are more comfortable to wear than mixed fabrics.
Design t shirt – As long as you choose a reliable, professional tee company, the quality of homemade t-shirts will not be inferior to t-shirts on the market at the same price.Provide design patterns, we have professional customized consultants will provide professional customized solutions to customers, which is very convenient.