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Zenus business uniform | uniform shop - is a type of clothing for employees worn at work. Some company makes the same uniforms for employees. Or you can make a few types of business uniforms for different departments. What about unity? Let's take a look at the main functions of the company uniform.

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Comfort and productivity

Appropriate uniforms, people will feel comfortable wearing, help to improve work efficiency and reduce fatigue.

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establish a company image

Unified style, fabric, color and pattern, sewing and production to form a unified beauty. Perfect coordination and moderation, giving a sense of beauty. The image of employees represents the company’s “politeness” to the public and respect for others.

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unity improves corporate cohesion

The company’s human resources performance would be the best when they are a team. It will naturally enhance the company’s centripetal force if the employees are proud of their company and feel that the company cares about their interests. On the one hand, a good uniform strengthens the company and reflects the company’s concern for the interests of its employees.


business uniform ‧ Iconic to create a unique corporate cultural

First of all, company uniforms reflect the spiritual outlook of employees and have a corporate cultural connotation.

Secondly, the business uniform with unique design also reflects the company’s values. For example dark tones and conservative uniforms are the company’s steady style ; bold colors and design styles shown the embodiment of the company’s innovative spirit. Business uniform colors and styles also reveal the identity of the employee or the job. The logo of the uniform is the embodiment of the corporate values. Make a positive impact through the media features of the uniform. Business uniforms are a carrier for establishing a company’s social image. The advanced stage of company management is cultural management. The first step is corporate image management. Distinctive corporate uniforms are sensory weapons recognized by the public, helping companies attract public attention and transform intangible resources into corporate wealth.


By customizing uniforms, to some extent, people can read information about the company’s reputation, service quality, and so on. Therefore, the uniform has profound significance for the company’s image. The company’s image and product characteristics are effectively conveyed to the public so that society can strengthen the emotional identity of the company through the information transmission of the uniform.

Once you’ve chosen a group uniform style that suits your company, it’s time to start discussing the company uniform design! Why is uniform design so important? A successful company uniform will let people see at a glance which company it is. In our daily life, we see staff in uniforms every day. Have you noticed that we usually go to 7-11 downstairs and have lunch? If you are a bento shop or call the delivery service Ubereat, the service staff will wear the group uniform that represents the company. No matter what uniform style you choose today, the company LOGO plus corporate color matching must be the most classic design in business uniform design. Elements, LOGO design position is a knowledge. What position can perfectly highlight the company’s LOGO? How to design the size of the LOGO, is it inconsistent? All these questions require professional group service companies to give you advice. Before making company uniforms, you must make sure that you have chosen a professional group service company. A uniform company with many years of experience can give you a professional design advice, allowing you to design group uniforms. The process is smoother.

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