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Working uniform

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Working uniform is the clothes made for work. Zenus Uniform customizes uniforms according to customer requirements, and provides the best design solutions based on professional characteristics, team culture, age structure, body characteristics, habits, etc. A new professional image of taste.

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Working uniform・Classification

Working uniform:

The primary industry uniforms can be divided into: agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishing, hunting and mining uniforms according to their industry classification;

The uniforms of the secondary industry can also be divided into: manufacturing and other occupational uniforms according to their industry classification

The tertiary industry can be divided into uniforms for public utilities (power supply, gas supply, transportation and post and telecommunications); uniforms for financial and insurance industries (banks, trust stocks and insurance, etc.); uniforms for machinery maintenance (automobile repairs, parking lots and other repair industries, etc.) ;Service industry (catering, hotel, barber, beauty and casino, etc.) uniforms; culture, education, health, scientific research (schools, aviation institutions, libraries and medical care, etc.) uniforms; freelance (law, accounting, news, corporate intelligence, etc.) , advertising, construction services and various consulting agencies, etc.) uniforms, etc.

When uniforms are classified according to different industrial structures, they can be further subdivided according to specific industry characteristics. Such as transport uniforms, different uniforms for ship transport, air transport and other transport. Going a step further, for example, the uniforms of automobile transportation can also be divided into uniforms of drivers, conductors, ground staff and so on. A unique category of uniforms is military uniforms, which are a large category of special uniforms, which can be roughly divided into the uniforms of land, sea, air, armed police and special forces according to their arms, and can be further divided.

Working uniform can be divided into different materials according to their selected materials: clothes made for Working uniform of other materials. Uniforms can be divided into three categories: seasonal, regional and meteorological according to different climates. Seasonal uniforms can be divided into winter, summer, spring and autumn uniforms; regional uniforms can be divided into frigid, tropical and temperate uniforms; meteorological uniforms can be divided into cold, summer, wind, rain, radiation and other uniforms.

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Working uniform・Design

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Working uniform・Profession

The principle of work uniform design is first of all clear pertinence: for different industries, different companies in the same industry, different positions in the same company, different identities, genders and so on in the same position. Targeted design differences summarize why and what to wear.Individual and group styles. Physiological and psychological needs. political and economic status. Cultural literacy, etc., as for the design requirements are specific and different.

Working uniform・Economy

Working uniform, such as specific ceremonial clothes. Except for special clothing, most of them require a reasonable price-performance ratio, that is, the grade of the fabric selected for the design. Style complexity. The premise of beauty and function, the design of work clothes should reduce the cost as much as possible, from the style. Material. Easy to make. Attention is paid to details such as the structure of the garment.

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Working uniform・Function

Work uniforms can be selected according to their own company conditions, such as: construction companies should choose wear-resistant fabrics; electronic companies should choose anti-static fabrics. When customizing work uniforms, you should choose the fabrics and the clothes that suit your company to achieve the best practicality.

【Working uniform】 | Zenus Uniform

Working uniform — FAQ

Requirements vary between industry sectors, with uniforms tops in suits, safari, jackets, shirts, and t-shirts, while uniforms bottoms in trousers, skirts, and suspenders. Black clothing is the most common and the least error-prone, so for many newcomers in the workplace and those who are capable of galloping in the major business circles, black uniforms are the most worry-free. There are two points to remember when matching: first, when using two or three colors, it is best to have one color white; second, whether you use two or three colors, do not match them in equal proportions. In addition, other patterns or accessories other than the logo representing the company should not appear on the work uniform.

The origin of the uniform may be that when early humans engaged in religious activities, the clergy wore uniform clothes in order to show their identity. This tradition has been preserved to this day, and today’s clergy still wear uniforms that reflect specific identities, and even these uniforms come in a variety of styles, and the fabrics follow tradition, which may be inconvenient or uncomfortable to wear.
Employees wearing work uniforms are first of all a kind of respect for their work, but also allow employees to have a sense of professional pride. Every enterprise establishes a good image, and the first thing that can most vividly and reflect the corporate image anytime and anywhere is the image of the employees. A dignified and serious work uniform can often impress people.
All employees wear uniform work clothes, which reflects the cohesion and centripetal force of the enterprise, which can motivate each employee’s sense of identity and virtually increase the competitiveness of the enterprise. Enterprises, like people, have a temperament and image problem, and uniforms can produce overall and unified beauty.
As soon as you put on working uniform at work, employees can immediately realize that they have entered a state of work and study. If the company can properly link the work clothes with the behavior of employees, work and study will always spur employees to progress and improve.