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table tennis jersey — custom table tennis jersey is one of the most popular indoor ball games, and the range of the table is small, it is easy to misunderstand that it is a "leisure" sports". On the contrary, every back-and-forth in a table tennis game, every small step requires a high degree of concentration of the players, and a set of high-quality table tennis jerseys can achieve even more powerful effects.

A high-quality table tennis jersey needs to have good air permeability and hydrophobicity, so that athletes can wear it very comfortably. Compared with other sports clothes, the design of
table tennis jerseys should be more professional. Considering the high-intensity game rhythm of players, the design of table tennis jerseys should not affect the performance of athletes.

table tennis jersey ‧ custom

Zenus Uniform specializes in custom-made table tennis jersey and various sports team jerseys, all made of high-quality materials and printed and dyed with high-end sublimation technology. Dye sublimation technology can print any design, any color. Zenus Uniform has a professional custom table tennis jersey designer team to provide one-stop custom table tennis jersey service, from design, manufacturing to delivery, to create a unique table tennis jersey for customers.


custom table tennis jersey ‧ style

There are various styles and styles of table tennis jersey, but they can be roughly classified into two categories – Polo with collar and T-shirt without collar, and Polo is divided into zipper or button.

Although there are many styles and types of custom table tennis jerseys, there is a saying that the T-shirt style table tennis jersey without a collar is a daily training jersey, while the polo style table tennis jersey with a collar is a competition jersey.

With the development of the times, even in world competitions, many players wear T-shirts without collars. Players only need to choose the appropriate table tennis jersey according to their own preferences.

table tennis jersey — T-shirt style

custom table tennis jersey — Polo

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table tennis jersey ‧ Production

Making table tennis jerseys In addition to the style/appearance of the jersey, a good able tennis jersey requires good craftsmanship to make the jersey durable and comfortable for a long time.

Zenus Uniform is also meticulous in the production of custom table tennis jerseys. In addition to the selection of jersey materials, we also use high-quality imported silk threads to make table tennis jerseys, which have stronger tensile resistance than ordinary stitches.

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table tennis jersey ‧ custom

The “sublimation” printing technology refers to that after the clothing designer has designed, the printed pattern and the white fabric are pasted into the roll printing machine, and the ink is vaporized at high temperature and high pressure and then attached to the fabric fiber, so that the dye in the gaseous state can be Entering the functional fabric through the precise calculation of the permeability, this step is called “sublimation”.

Table tennis jersey is one of the sports with rich patterns in design. You can imagine a table tennis jersey as a piece of white paper, and the “sublimation” printing technology is to “sublime” all patterns, colors, texts, etc. to the surface of the sportswear, This is also the most popular sportswear manufacturing technology in the world’s sports circles.

Athletes who have color requirements when ordering custom table tennis jersey can color the cloth in person. Because the color and cloth color in the computer design drawing will also be different, in order to ensure that the printing color meets the requirements, it is recommended to contact our customer service specialist to arrange a time to check the cloth color in our store.

【table tennis jersey】| Zenus Uniform

table tennis jersey | custom table tennis jersey — FAQ

Table tennis jersey is generally based on quick-drying materials for sports, and quick-drying materials are also subdivided into raindrop cloth, star point cloth, milk silk, etc. to match different grams.

table tennis jersey – It is mainly printed by sublimation technology. If you have special requirements for color, it is recommended to check with customer service first. Because the printing color may also be affected by the cloth color, resulting in color difference, it is recommended to check the printing color cloth in person in the store .

There is no minimum order quantity for table tennis jersey, but the price will also be affected by the order quantity. However, different styles of table tennis jersey also accept a minimum order. For details, please contact customer service.

Of course, you are welcome to provide design advice and inspiration, our table tennis jersey design team can design according to your ideas.