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Zenus Uniform Jerseys Uniform – Jerseys / Sublimated jerseysThe uniform worn by players of the same team in ball games, usually printed with the player’s number, team name and player’s name. The role of the jersey is to distinguish different players in sports competitions. Most teams have their own traditional jerseys and team signs. For example, Barcelona’s traditional jerseys are red and blue. Most professional teams sell jerseys to fans to increase revenue and to rally fans. The old sportswear will use solid color clothes with silk screen printing of different player numbers and player names, and some teams will be equipped with embroidered team logos to decorate the team uniforms.

Jerseys | Sublimated jerseys — Dye-sublimation jersey technology has appeared on the sports field for more than 20 years. Today’s top competitions in the world, such as FIFA and NBA, have been used for many years. Due to technical difficulties, expensive equipment, and high cost of consumables, it has not become more popular in recent years
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Jerseys | Sublimated jerseys

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Jerseys is probably the most difficult item to control in the fashion industry. However, whether you love football or you are a cowboy, a T-shirt with a wave-like attitude is by no means comparable. Sneakers are indeed world-class. The purpose of the statement is to declare that the following analysis is only from a fashion point of view. Of course, everyone is different in terms of aesthetics, but the following unspoken rules of wearing a wave shirt must be followed more or less.

I know sometimes you wear a jersey to support your favorite team, or occasionally want to wear something more casual on the holidays, you can choose a loose or fitted jersey, but unless you’re on the field, remember the jersey Don’t tuck it into your pants at will. Get in the habit of tucking all your tops into your pants, and that really makes you look like a middle-aged uncle with weird taste. Can you imagine how stupid it would be to take off your jacket and your suit pants and add a basketball vest, or at least add a shirt to your jersey to add layers! If you wore this to a ball game on your first date, you might be told by your girlfriend after the game that you’re really nice but we’re not a good fit.

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Sublimated jerseys – The national team’s uniform is different from the club’s: First of all, the national team’s uniform has no sponsor’s logo, so the running numbers are usually printed before and after.

In addition, the club’s logo will be printed on the chest, and the national team will be printed with the logo of the national football association. The above is basically all the information that can appear on the jersey. If we go deeper, there will only be dark lines.

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Jerseys - Moderate spin

To protect the hot lettering on the shirt, please remember to wash it in cold water and choose a medium degree of rotation.

Jerseys - Do not use the dryer function

The general drying function is to use heat to dry the clothes, and the heat may melt the printing material on the shirt, so remember to dry it normally.

Jerseys - reverse to wash

the printing of wave shirts will only be hot ironed on the jersey. To avoid the occurrence of word flicking, the first thing is to reverse the wave shirts and wash them.

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In 1928, in the match between Chelsea and Arsenal in the English League, in order to identify the players, the British Football Association for the first time required the player numbers to be written on the jerseys according to the player’s position and strength.

到了20世纪,英國作為現代足球發源地,為適應潮濕寒冷的天氣,球衣的面料為棉質,都是長袖,能較耐用但不吸汗。上世紀70年代開始面料進化為纖維化材料 – 短袖球衣,整體重量變輕,透氣性更佳。

No specific, jerseys are generally made of very comfortable fabrics, as long as they are worn on appropriate occasions.

Pair with simple trousers and sneakers.

Sportswear will be solid-colored clothes with different player numbers and player names screen-printed, and some teams will be equipped with embroidered team logos to decorate the team uniforms. With the passage of time, new printing technologies such as full-piece sublimation have been introduced to the market. The design of jerseys is no longer limited to solid colors and color-blocking styles. Players can design more imaginative styles on the team uniforms, so that the team’s Features are more prominent.