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soccer jersey | custom soccer jersey

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soccer jersey | custom soccer jersey - I believe that all soccer fans know that professional soccer jersey have different versions. Generally soccer jerseys are divided into off-court versions, locker room versions, and commercial player versions. , Fan Edition, etc. In addition to the difference in appearance, the different versions can also be said to have the biggest difference in functionality.

Zenus Uniform's professional soccer jersey production team understands different versions of football shirts. Our professional team can help you provide one-stop service from design, patterning to production, so that every customer can taste the professional soccer player's jersey customization service.

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soccer jersey | custom soccer jersey – is a must for every soccer player, in addition to its powerful functions, such as sweat absorption and quick drying, slim fit, and even good breathability, and more importantly, the soccer jersey symbolizes your soccer team.

Some teams may choose the same functional solid-color sportswear as the team shirt, but owning a set of the team shirt, or even a soccer jersey designed by their players, this sense of belonging to the team is different from the general sportswear is incomparable.

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soccer jersey - role

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soccer jersey refer to the uniforms worn by teammates in football, usually printed with the player number, team name and player’s name. The role of the jersey is to distinguish different players in sports competitions. Most teams have their own traditional jerseys and team signs. For example, Barcelona’s traditional jerseys are red and blue. Most professional teams sell jerseys to fans to increase revenue and to rally fans.

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The old sportswear will use solid color clothes with silk screen printing of different player numbers and player names, and some teams will be equipped with embroidered team logos to decorate the team uniforms. With time, new printing technologies such as full-piece sublimation have been introduced to the market. The design of soccer jerseys is no longer limited to solid colors and color-blocking styles. Players can design more imaginative styles on the team uniforms so that the team’s Features are more prominent.

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soccer jersey — printing

Zenus Uniform adopts the most advanced dye-sublimation shirt printing technology. “Dye-sublimation” printing technology refers to the design by the clothing designer, and the printed pattern and the white fabric are pasted into the roll printing machine, and the ink is applied with high temperature and high pressure. After vaporization, it adheres to the fabric fibers, allowing the dyes in the gaseous state to enter the functional fabric through precisely calculated permeability. This step is called “sublimation”.

Different from the traditional large-scale offset printing, although the traditional large-scale offset printing can print the desired pattern on the jersey, the area that has been offset printed will lose the breathability of the fabric. Dye sublimation technology penetrates the pattern into the soccer jersey without any changes to the shirt, which can better retain the functionality of the fabric.

The sublimation jersey technology has appeared on the sports field for more than 20 years. Today’s world’s top competitions such as FIFA, NBA, and other leagues have been using it for many years. However, due to technical difficulties, expensive equipment, and high cost of consumables, it was not until recent years. Technological breakthroughs, excellent texture, and affordable cost are no longer an unattainable dream.

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【soccer jersey】 | custom soccer jersey | 「Zenus Uniform」

soccer jersey | custom soccer jersey — FAQ

There are different types of fabrics for custom soccer jersey. Zenus Uniform provides a variety of sports performance fabrics, including raindrops, mesh fabrics, milk silk, lycra, etc., which are suitable for different sports according to the characteristics of the materials.

Of course, you are welcome to provide design advice and inspiration, our soccer jersey design team can design according to your ideas.

soccer jersey – Wearing the same style of jersey, if the club can properly connect the jersey to the player, the player will immediately realize that they are in the game.

soccer jersey – mainly printed by dye-sublimation technology. If you have special requirements for color, it is recommended to check with customer service first. Because the printing color may also be affected by the cloth color, resulting in color differences, it is recommended to check the printing color cloth in person at the store.

There is no minimum order quantity for soccer jersey, but the price will also be affected by the order quantity. However, different styles of soccer jersey also accept a minimum order, please contact customer service for details.