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road bike jersey | custom mountain bike jersey

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Zenus Uniform road bike jersey | custom mountain bike jersey Hong Kong design team will provide high-quality cycling services. Customers can put forward any style of road bike jersey suggestions, our professional design team will design the jersey to ensure your road bike jersey are unique.

Customers can choose suitable fabrics from many different materials to make your road bike jersey | custom mountain bike jersey, generally road bike jersey are made by dry-fit fabrics, customers can choose different thicknesses among the dry-fit fabrics Come and customize the jersey of your mind.

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road bike jersey - can everyone wear them?

【Sunscreen】Perfect for summer riding activities, very comfortable to wear in summer. The mesh fabric has good sun protection and can protect you from sun burns on hot summer days.

【High Sweat Absorption】Constructed with high-grade breathable fabric that maximizes ventilation and provides effective moisture wicking.

【Lightweight but Durable】Lightweight material, good craftmanship and stitching, guaranteed for everyday use. Suitable for all kinds of outdoor sports.

【High Visibility】For your safety, we put the reflective print line on the back, so that you can see clearly at night and in low light environment.

【Easy Care, Easy to Wear】Vibrant dye sublimation printing keeps the colors vivid after washing, and the zipper is easy to wear.

road bike jersey — Fashion

Modern people are really paying more and more attention to sports. Too much pressure and fat need to be digested by exercise. Bicycles are not only convenient urban sports, but also a good tool for transportation. Cycling to work, or as a means of transportation, is now not only a sport for many people, but also a fashionable choice. The bicycle itself is like a large accessory. It is becoming more and more fashionable. You can’t show weakness when you ride a modern bicycle. Wearing a road bike jersey that matches you will make sports more interesting.
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【road bike jersey】 | custom mountain bike jersey | 「Zenus Uniform」

road bike jersey | custom mountain bike jersey — FAQ

road bike jersey is professional and functional clothing. Different from general sports clothing, a road bike jersey is designed to take into account the overall smoothness of riding; the version of road bike jersey needs to be considered when riding, it will not cause wind resistance or discomfort, and the function of the car cover will take into account the effect of breathability and moisture absorption and perspiration. Imagine how uncomfortable the constant friction and stretching of your body and clothes, combined with the sweat and heat from exercising, is when you ride a bike! Can you enjoy the pleasure of riding a bicycle if you wear an inappropriate clothing?

road bike jersey – the right road bike jersey

  • Breathability
  • moisture wicking
  • skin-friendly
  • comfort

road bike jersey – Materials include:

  • High-end: 100% original yarn suction and arrangement: the suction and discharge function of the cloth is permanent!
  • Middle grade: 50/50 or 30/70 blended functional fabrics, that is to say, not all of them are interwoven with original yarns. Maybe 70% or 50% is just pure POLYESTER.
  • Low-level: It can be divided into suction and discharge medicine with post-aids or without post-additives. This kind of cloth has no suction and discharge effect after wearing it a few times!

road bike jersey – The choice of the size of the road bike jersey should always be based on fit, don’t worry about your body, just pick the right size and wear it bravely! Even if the function of the cloth is good, if you choose a large size to wear, no matter how good the function is, it will be useless. Because the absorption and discharge function cloth needs to be able to stick to the skin, the sweat that flows out can be immediately absorbed by the cloth and quickly discharged to keep the skin dry; if the size of the road bike jersey is too large, the sweat will slide down directly along the skin surface, and the absorption and drainage of the cloth The sweat function cannot be exerted.

road bike jersey – zipper depends on individual usage habits and needs:

  • 7” short zipper
  • 3/4 invisible zipper design
  • Full zipper design