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Zenus Uniform custom jacket | custom windbreaker - Many people need to wear a windbreaker next to them when they go out or choose to order a windbreaker online. The wind jacket is especially suitable for wearing in the hot summer because the weather in summer is unpredictable, sometimes the sun is shining, sometimes it rains suddenly, in the case of unpredictable weather, you need to order a wind jacket for your Weatherproof.

How can it be called a good quality custom jacket? We can first understand the characteristics of these three jackets, and then see how to customize the most suitable windbreaker.

custom windbreaker - the characteristics of a custom wind jacket

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Custom windbreaker — waterproof

A good windbreaker can effectively prevent rainwater from penetrating the clothes so that the wearer’s inner wear does not need to get wet and cold because of the moisture.

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Custom windbreaker — wind resistance

Wind resistance, as the name suggests, is the ability to prevent the effect of wind cooling. There is a layer of warm air about one centimeter thick near our body’s skin. The temperature of this layer of warm air is about 34 degrees to 35 degrees, and the humidity is maintained at about 40% to 60%. If the cold wind blows into our clothes, our warm air will be blown away. And when the warm air is destroyed, our body immediately feels that its heat is being blown away, making us cold and uncomfortable, resulting in the so-called air-cooling effect.

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Custom windbreaker — Breathability

When you exercise in a wind jacket, your body will naturally perspire, and if a lot of moisture generated by the skin cannot be expelled from the clothes, it will cause the sweat to be trapped between the body and the clothes, making you drenched.

When you get here, you may have doubts. If you don’t try on the previous breathability, waterproofness and breathability, it is impossible to prove whether a wind jacket meets the standard specifications. In fact, you only need to check the test coefficient of the wind jacket. That’s it. Wind jacket manufacturers run a series of tests on their products, such as water resistance. The windbreaker manufacturer will spray the windbreaker fabric with water and calculate in millimeters how much water pressure the fabric can withstand. According to the degree of waterproofing, the windbreaker will also be graded:

custom windbreaker - classification of the waterproof degree of wind jackets

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custom jacket - water resistance

Our windbreaker is made of materials that feel likes fibers because the fibers are relatively compact, so the moisture can only stay on the surface of the windbreaker without penetrating. This series can handle a light rain, but once the rain exacerbates, or stays in the rain for too long, the rain will also seep into the wind jacket.

custom jacket — water repellent

The surface of the windbreaker will coat with a layer or a method that is used when weaving materials, so that rain and water droplets can slide away smoothly when they fall on the surface of the wind jacket, thereby increasing the overall waterproofness. Of course, the coating is just a coat-on after all. After heavy rain or a period of cleaning after use, it will gradually disappear, reducing the waterproof effect.

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custom windbreaker — water proof

This kind of water can maintain the strongest pressure, can upgrade the amount of water it can withstand, and can also wear in heavy rain, even in heavy rain, it can effectively prevent water penetration.

If it is only worn for general sports or outings, a windbreaker with a waterproof coefficient of 2000mm is sufficient. If you want to deal with heavy rain, the wind jacket needs to have a waterproof coefficient of 10000mm. Of course, the actual coefficient can only be used as a reference, and the higher the waterproof coefficient of the wind jacket, the relative price will increase, so when customizing the wind jacket according to your own It is enough to judge the actual needs.

In addition to water resistance, the number of fabric layers of the wind jacket also affects the breathability, comfort, and wind resistance of the windbreaker.

custom jacket - Layers of Fabric for Wind Jacket

It is composed of windbreaker fabric and waterproof material and then stitching the lining on the bottom layer. Because there is a bottom lining to separate the waterproof material and the skin, it is more comfortable to wear. But the ventilation is weak.

It is composed of the upper layer of wind jacket fabric, the middle layer of waterproof material, and the bottom layer of film material. The film material of the bottom layer is mainly used to protect the waterproof material of the middle layer, but the relative comfort is worse than that of the second layer because the film will stick to the skin due to sweat.

The three layers of fabric are compressed into one piece of material, and the bottom layer will be made of sweat-wicking material, which not only increases sweat-wicking and breathability but also is more durable and comfortable than the previous two.

【custom jacket】| custom windbreaker | 「Zenus Uniform」

custom jacket | custom windbreaker — FAQ

It depends on your activity needs and the range of activities. Generally, the elastic windbreaker has a higher air permeability and is airier.

The heavier the fabric, the more durable it is. Because when the wind jacket is put into the backpack, it is easy to be broken by other objects. In addition, too heavy a windbreaker will become a burden at any time when going out, so it is not recommended to use too heavy a windbreaker.

In cold places, in addition to wearing windbreakers, you should also wear warm clothes such as down inside, so you need to reserve a little more space in size. If the windbreaker is too loose under normal circumstances, it will affect the flexibility of the wearer.

When washing the windbreaker, please remember not to use softener, because the softener will form a coating on the clothing, and this layer of coating will cause the windbreaker to lose its breathability completely.