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Zenus Uniform 3 in 1 jackets | 2 in 1 jackets - If you love the outdoors, how can you not own a functional jacket that is easy to wear? ! The 3 in 1 jackets / 2 in 1 jackets series can be regarded as a must-have item for beginners in autumn and winter. They can be skillfully worn in response to various environments, and the neat tailoring allows girls to take stylish and beautiful photos when they are outdoors!

3 in 1 jackets / 2 in 1 jackets, those who often go to the outdoors for hiking and camping must bring a windbreaker that can withstand the wind and rain and keep warm. When we choose wind jackets, the functions of different materials will vary, including waterproof/water repellency, air permeability, weight, tailoring, elasticity and other special functions; prices will also vary depending on the materials used . As a savvy consumer, how much do you know about these materials and how to choose?
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Warm and waterproof 2 in 1 jackets!

The biggest feature of the jacket is the 2 in 1 jackets! It is composed of a waterproof jacket and a warm middle layer, both of which can be detached and worn alone, and can be adjusted elastically according to the environment, but can be locked with zipper interlocking, making it a waterproof and warm single product!

2 in 1 jackets/3 in 1 jackets, the main functions are windproof, warm and breathable

3 in 1 jackets / 2 in 1 jacketsvery light but very warm. It has been measured several times, only in the temperature of 3 degrees in the mountains, wearing this set alone will feel a little lack of warmth and a little chill. At that time, the inner layer was equipped with thin sweat-wicking clothes and a windproof vest. At 5:30 in the morning, I still felt cold and my hands were slightly icy, but when the sun rose at 8:00, the temperature rose to about 6 degrees, and it felt warm. Here is a reminder that everyone has different degrees of cold tolerance, so there will be gaps in somatosensory perception. How to dress is the most suitable temperature for you, and it needs to be accumulated slowly by personal experience.

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2 in 1 jackets VS 3 in 1 jackets

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2 in 1 jackets

2 in 1 jackets,Designed for versatile outdoor applications, the two-layer fabric is durable, windproof, and highly breathable, wicking sweat away quickly, keeping you dry during activity, and isolating cold air and keeping you warm at low temperatures.
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3 in 1 jackets

Versatile hiking jacket with 3 in 1 jackets designed to keep you ready for changing weather. Outer waterproof jacket, optional fleece, quilted or down inner layer, one jacket, three ways to wear!
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Winter has always been the season for various outdoor manufacturers to launch two-piece thermal jackets or down jackets. It is not because of it, but of course it is based on the wet and cold weather in winter, or when traveling abroad to temperate countries. At this time, keeping warm and protecting against rain and snow becomes necessary function. Even because it does not require the fabric to have the “lotus leaf effect” to maintain moisture permeability, even in heavy rain, the moisture permeability will not be greatly reduced due to the wetness of the surface cloth. On the other hand, aside from the lotus leaf effect, after this waterproof jacket is exposed to rain and snow, as long as it is slightly shaken and patted, the water droplets on the surface will fall directly, which will allow the surface to dry quickly, and there will be no damage at all. The problem of wet cloth.
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2 in 1 jackets | 3 in 1 jackets | Zenus Uniform

2 in 1 jackets | 3 in 1 jackets — FAQ

3 in 1 jackets — The surface of our skin has a layer of air insulation about 1cm thick, and the temperature is 34 degrees. When wind blows into clothing, it destroys this layer of warm air, causing heat loss and a drop in body temperature. This requires that the thin film pores of the jacket surface are extremely small to effectively prevent the entry of wind.

3 in 1 jackets — Wearing the outer jacket alone is windproof and rainproof and easy to carry. Wearing the inner tank alone is casual and warm, and the combination of inside and outside can cope with complex occasions such as severe cold and heavy rain. As far as its practicality is concerned, whether it is outdoor adventure, travel leisure or daily wear, it is a good choice with high cost performance, making it a major choice for most outdoor enthusiasts.
3 in 1 jackets — : Warmth: The hard shell does not have the function of keeping warm. The hard shell only isolates the wind and rain, reducing the fluidity of cold air between the body and avoiding the cold wind effect. Water resistance: The water resistance of the hard shell is mainly composed of DWR waterproof water repellency coating (Durable WaterRepellency), waterproof breathable membrane and rubber strip. A hard case is a must for outdoor activities, and it also guarantees long-lasting waterproofing over time.
3 in 1 jackets — Soft shells are generally referred to as “soft jackets”. The softness of the fabric is better than that of hard shells. The choice of soft shell clothing must consider its superior wind resistance. Warmth: The soft shell also has a certain thermal function by being compounded with a fleece layer of a certain thickness. Water resistance: Some soft shell fabrics are laminated with a waterproof breathable membrane, so their waterproof performance is also considerable; the soft shell also has a DWR water-repellent treatment coating, which also has a certain degree of water resistance. Wind resistance: 1. The fabric windproof soft shell relies on the close arrangement of the fabric fibers to play a windproof role, and its air permeability is relatively good, and the fabric has good elasticity. 2. In the case of membrane windproof soft shell to ensure good air permeability, a better windproof effect can be obtained. (Not as breathable as the fabric windproof soft shell)
3 in 1 jackets — In outdoor activities, it is often used in relatively harsh environments, but the hard shell itself does not have the effect of keeping warm, so it is necessary to add warm clothes such as high-thickness fleece, inner liner, chemical fiber surface liner, etc. in the middle layer, so the hard shell The version is generally looser. In outdoor activities, the three-in-one windbreaker can also be considered in other non-super harsh environments.