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Many Hong Kong people may be relatively unfamiliar with baseball shirt, and mistakenly think that baseball jackets are just a type of sports uniforms exclusive to baseball teams. It is true that baseball jackets is a type of uniforms like other clothing. With the changes of the times, baseball jackets have long been integrated into public and become one of the darlings of the fashion circle. More and more people are looking for custom baseball jackets, hoping to create a unique and attractive trend clothing for themselves.

baseball shirt - Features of baseball shirt

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The pursuit of comfortable and simply casual sports wear is a baseball shirt.​

baseball shirt – The silhouette of the clothes is rounder than other jackets, the shoulders has designed with a sliding shoulder structure, and the wrists and waist made with elastic fabrics. Type uses a circular cut. Baseball shirt features a fleece body, leather sleeves, rib knit elastic cuffs, cuffs and neckline, snap button placket, and inner pockets on each side of the front placket. There are also relatively many different choices of fabrics for baseball shirt. The common materials are cotton, flannel, wool, coarse cloth, etc. In the modern fashion industry, materials such as leather and nylon are also used for matching.

baseball shirt - The origin and transformation of baseball shirt

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baseball shirt - The Origin and Transformation of baseball shirt

The prototype of the baseball shirt can be traced back to the Harvard campus in 1865, when the baseball shirt was more like a thick knitted sweater than a jacket. Although the appearance differs from modern baseball shirt, one of the most important elements of the garment has emerged – the embroidered English letters of their surnames on the chest of the baseball shirt when praising individual athletes for their outstanding performance. Today, the english letters on the chest have gradually evolved into different badges. In foreign countries, students who have an outstanding performance in sports, academics or other fields will also be issued embroidered badges to prove their achievements. When many people order baseball shirt, they will also provide their badges design so that the baseball shirt can better show their personality.

baseball shirt - Continuous research and development to bring comfort to the next level

After another period, members of the varsity team also began to look for better materials to make jackets with better quality and more comfort, using a combination of wool sweaters and leather sleeves to create new baseball shirt, with excellent warmth, especially for athletes to wear after the game and the design also established the base setting of baseball shirt.

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baseball shirt — the darlings of fashion and pop culture

Baseball shirts can successfully enter the fashion circle, and have an important position in the street style to the High Fashion sector, from the exclusive clothing of colleges and universities to the daily clothes of ordinary people, all of which need to be attributed to the popularity of the 1980s and 1990s. A generation of pop king Micheal Jackson debuted in his baseball jacket in his MV “Thriller” and film superstar Tom Cruise’s classic baseball jacket in the movie “All the Right Moves” also successfully brought baseball jackets to the public level.

Baseball shirt - How to maximize your baseball shirt's charm

Baseball shirt are all about wearing your style

If you want to wear your style, how to cooperate also plays a key role. Before matching baseball shirt with stitching, badges, etc., you need to find out their most basic attributes. In addition to the element-rich baseball shirt with solid-colored interiors, simply and uniform styles can be used to make some fuss in the interiors to make the mix more abundant and eye-catching.

Baseball shirt can be thick or thin, but they can allow you to cope with different climates. Simply pairing them with a solid-color shirt, or matching them with a shirt and tie can often create a different look and feel.

For an extra piece of casual clothing that’s youthful and easy to wear, consider a baseball shirt. For men who have a soft spot for retro American clothing, baseball shirt are even more indispensable. Whether it is a fashionable new product or a vintage one, I believe there will be a baseball shirt that meets the hearts of baseball shirt lovers.

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【baseball shirt】 | 「Zenus Uniform」

baseball shirt — FAQ

The size of the baseball shirt should not be too large, and it is normal for the size of the baseball jacket to be too large because it is in line with the current street culture.

Our baseball shirt are usually crafted from thick warm Melton wool and genuine cowhide as well as vinyl (faux leather) and satin.

Baseball jacket – upper body measurement

Shoulder Width: The horizontal distance from the left shoulder point to the right shoulder point.
Chest: The distance that the breast nipple points horizontally circle around.

Lower body measurement

Waist: Wrap around the thinnest part of the waist horizontally.
Low Waist: Make a horizontal circle at the prominence of the hip bones on both sides.
Hip: Make a horizontal circle around the most prominent part of the buttocks.

The printing pattern is recommend to print within A3 size, note that printing cannot print on the edge of the baseball shirt. If it is a custom-made style, there is no restriction on the printing pattern.

Baseball shirt have a rounder profile, a design with slippery shoulders, elastic fabrics on the waist and wrists to tighten the shape, and a round neckline. flannel, wool, tweed, etc. Such as leather and nylon began to rise. The basic style of baseball uniforms is the college style. As a basic style of College Town in the United States, baseball shirts have become a single product representing the Ivy League campus style.