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t shirt | Print t shirt | Hong Kong t shirt — are a must for everyone in summer, they are colorful, patterned and versatile with any style of trousers and skirts. Especially in the scorching hot summer, T-shirts appear in various social occasions with their natural, comfortable, chic and diverse characteristics. Recently, people from all walks of life supported the college entrance examination students and printed positive energy words on their T-shirts, which was very heartwarming.

First of all, how did  t shirt | Print t shirt | Hong Kong t shirt — get its name? A t shirt is also called a t shirt because it takes on the shape of the letter T when unfolded flat. There is another interesting saying about the origin of the name of the t shirt. The workers who unloaded tea in the American docks in the 17th century wore this kind of short-sleeved shirt. Called t shirt, that is, t shirt.

What paint is used to make the pattern on the t shirt? Textile pigments are pigments specially used for dyeing textiles. Most of them are made from natural plant extracts, and some also contain chemical extracts such as tar and coal. So textile pigments are actually divided into two types, one is natural pigments and the other is synthetic. Most of the common pigments on the market are synthetic pigments.

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t shirt

t shirt are clothing that people can wear on all occasions and are one of the most popular clothing in spring and summer. Especially in the hot summer, we can see men, women and children wearing various t shirt in the streets and alleys, and the t shirt are printed with various and colorful patterns.

An outstanding garment mainly includes its style, printed Tee pattern, printing process, etc. The style pattern is mainly provided by the customer or designed by the designer, and the printing process is a very important link. At present, the process of personalized t shirt printing mainly includes offset printing, silk screen printing, thermal transfer printing and digital direct injection.

Benefits of Print t shirt

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Print t shirt — with professional dignity

t shirt should be good, within the limits of their ability, because only in this way can the wearer have self-esteem and a sense of loftiness.

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Print t shirt — identifiable

t shirt generally have the logo of the company, and employees wear it to represent the image of the company.

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Print t shirt — easy to work

In turn, we can clearly see that professional t shirt have five properties, namely professionalism, identification, standardization, practicality and aesthetics, focusing on the functionality of the fabric.

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【t shirt】 | Print t shirt | Zenus Uniform Hong Kong t shirt

t shirt | Print t shirt | Hong Kong t shirt — FAQ

Among all kinds of people, many people like personalized customization, so what needs to be paid attention to in pattern design when printing Tee customization?

The t shirt pattern design is different from other graphic designs. It has its particularity. The pattern of the t shirt is alive, and it jumps on the t shirt vividly and is full of energy. However, t shirt patterns have different characteristics due to the limitations of the printing process.

1. The design style should be based on simplicity, which can directly reflect the design intention of the shirt.

Second, the pattern is best represented by color blocks. t shirts are no better than paper. The surface of the clothes is textured, and too fine details cannot be printed. The area of the pattern is too large, which will affect the breathability of the entire clothes, making it a little greasy to wear.

3. A pattern and several colors are several editions. If there are patterns on the front and back, then add up the editions of the two patterns; the more editions, the higher the price, and those who are more sensitive to price But pay attention.

Fourth, there are several printing processes for general t shirt : fluorescent, luminous, transfer printing, thermal transfer, embroidery, offset printing, screen printing, digital direct injection, thermal sublimation, bronzing, hot silver. Therefore, when designing the pattern, according to the different fabrics used, different printings are used, and the effects produced are different.

t shirt – Digital printing and digital direct injection process are very popular t shirt processes in t shirt customization in recent years. But in fact, digital direct printing t shirt belong to a category of digital printing t shirt, because digital printing includes digital direct printing and digital thermal transfer printing.

The image requirement is the actual size, such as: to print the size of A4, the size of the image in PS cannot be less than A4.
The image resolution requirement is 300dpi or above.

Generally, the pictures on the Internet do not meet this requirement. It is best to find them from the material library. You can buy several sets of material libraries for backup.

Therefore, the effect and clarity of the picture determine the final effect of the image. For example, the two pictures in the previous example are the effect of printing a very clear picture.

The advantages of digital direct printing Tee:

One piece minimum order:

A minimum order is definitely a great benefit for many businesses or individuals who need small batches of customized t shirt. Before that, screen printing t shirt were required if they were customized in small batches. The cost is very high, and many times when only one or two t shirt are needed, obviously many manufacturers are unwilling to customize them. One of the services, and the purchase price for the buyer is also a lot lower.

No plate making, single piece can be done. Digital printing technology is as convenient as using a printer, and you can print the pattern you want to print from the computer to the clothes at any time. In the traditional printing method, the laser imagesetter is used to produce the film first, and then complex processes such as screen printing and printing plate printing are required, which is basically impossible to achieve personalized customization. The thermal transfer method is similar to digital printing, and it can also realize the function of single-piece customization.

Good feel:

If some patterns with slightly richer colors are printed with glue, they will have a very obvious glue feeling, and they will be harder to touch, so they will be less breathable, but digital direct injection t shirt feel good. This is the biggest advantage of digital printing, because the ink particles of digital printing are extremely fine and can reach nanometer level, so it can easily penetrate into the fiber gap of the fabric, which has fastness without affecting the softness and comfort of the fabric itself. characteristic.

The quality of printed Tee custom-made is uneven, and the price is also quite different. Different t shirt custom manufacturers have different t shirt prices and styles, and the same custom-made t shirt manufacturer will also have different fabric styles and printing prices.

From the point of view of craftsmanship, the most popular craft in t shirt custom printing is screen printing. Because there are many kinds of screen printing, it can achieve a variety of printing and printing effects, and the price is relatively cost-effective, so it is a good choice.

t shirt – Tianzhu cotton is one of the most novel weaving processes of cotton fabrics. It has the characteristics of softness, high air permeability, stretch resistance, and high moisture absorption that ordinary cotton materials do not have;

Combed cotton is dense, soft and firm. Easy to wash and dry, deodorant, sweat-wicking and moisture-wicking. The fabrics made of combed cotton yarn have a high quality level in terms of texture, washability and durability.