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ZENUS UNIFORM - sport shirt | sports jerseys shop providing a different fabric options for large and small companies/institutions, groups and junior college students, including free designs. We provide professional advice and provide professional advice according to your needs. Propose the most suitable clothing production plan for you!

ZENUS UNIFORM – sport shirt | sports jerseys shop – Focus on all kinds of custom-made jerseys, and we are made with high-quality materials and printed or dyed by sublimation technology. Sublimation sports shirts can be designed and used in any color, without fluttering colors or words. We have a team of professional jersey designers to provide customers with a one-stage customized jersey service to create a unique jersey for customers.
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sports shirts

We are experienced in customized Tee and team shirts and are committed to providing each customer with the best Tee printing service. We focus on whole sports shirts/sports jerseys such as basketball, football, volleyball, handball, track, and field. At the same time, we also increase high-quality jerseys to provide comfortable and innovative products to customers. 

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sports shirts - great performance

Including high strength, long life, not easy to wrinkle, not easy to shrink, not easy to cause allergies, not moldy, etc., and other characteristics that pure cotton materials do not have.

sports shirts - bright colors

With the sublimation process, the color is bright. The fabric feels dyed and finished, with no glue or extra thickness, and it's all-in-one.

sports shirts - are so versatile

With the advancement of textile technology, fabrics with various functions and special properties have come out, ranging from moisture wicking to elastic cooling, bright satin to cotton-like fabrics.

Polyester (Poly) - The advantages of different fabrics

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An elastic fiber that is highly elastic, can elongate up to 600%, and can return to its original shape. It is stronger, more breathable and more wear-resistant than rubber.

Lycra is mild and easy to dye, with a density of 1.0-1.3g/cm3. Lycra is very elastic and can stretch 5 to 7 times its natural length. It is not as elastic as rubber, but more durable. This material is not very hygroscopic, absorbing only 1% of its weight. Lycra is not prone to pilling and does not build up static electricity

sports shirts — Lycra

we use

The milk protein obtained by de-fatting and dehydration of liquid milk is added with softener to make milk slurry, and then through a wet spinning process and scientific treatment, it is spun into milk protein fiber, which is further spun into knitted sweater milk silk.

sports shirts


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Butterfly-shaped mesh, with high elasticity, light weight, excellent moisture absorption, and perspiration, makes it more comfortable when exercising.

sports shirts — dry-fit

Composition : 100% Polyester, 160g​

【sports shirt】 | sports jerseys | 「Zenus Uniform」

sport shirt | sports jerseys - FAQ

sports shirts – Dye sublimation works best on white or light-colored fabrics to wave shirts, usually 100% polyester. Dye sublimation can also be used for polymer-coated products such as coasters, mugs, mouse pads, cell phone covers, towels, basketball jerseys, glasses, football jerseys, wind jackets, any jerseys, etc.

Sublimation shirt printing, also known as dye sublimation or sublimation printing, is a popular printing method for transferring images to fabrics or materials. Thermal sublimation removes the liquid, from a solid to a gas due to a chemical reaction. (A bit like dry ice.)

Images and designs using the sublimation shirt printing process produce beautiful, long-lasting colors that are embedded into the substrate or fabric rather than just printed on the surface.

Can’t. We cannot do sublimation of 100% cotton when ordering shirts. For best results, 100% polyester must be sublimated. You can print on cotton shirts, but this is completely different from the dye sublimation process and requires another way of printing.

Sublimation printing is the cheapest and most efficient method for full-color printing on polyester for shirting. Other processes such as screen printing, ironing, or embroidery are not as effective, cost more, take longer, or not be as effective. Dye sublimation is also an eco-friendly alternative to making.