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Windbreaker | Windbreaker jacket

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With the rise of the retro trend, functional , Windbreaker / Windbreaker jacket is no longer a fashion taboo, but has become a fashion item that can be worn with all kinds of styles. Among them, the windproof windbreaker jacket is especially loved by sportsmen. It not only has good ventilation performance, but also is waterproof and windproof. It also incorporates the current mainstream fashion elements, which modifies the figure and is full of personality!

WindbreakerWindbreaker jacket — In this season of fluctuating temperatures, the wind jacket can escort you. In terms of wearing, the wind jacket is even more versatile, with a simple plain bottoming shirt inside, and cropped trousers or jeans for the bottom, the temperament is perfectly highlighted, and the cool style is easily interpreted! It looks youthful and energetic without losing the tough guy domineering!

Windbreaker,Practical and stylish

Windbreaker – It can help you keep the wind warm, but not every jacket can release your street style like a functional jacket! The cool functional jacket is one of the hottest items this year. Immediately after the upper body, you will become an urban ninja, release your trendy energy, and match yourself with different styles! The high-tech double-layer composite fabric is supplemented by water-repellent treatment, which is light, windproof and easy to clean; the double-placket is windproof and compact, and the hat, hem and cuffs can be adjusted, reflecting full functionality. Wear it, no longer afraid of wind and rain! Mom no longer has to worry about me running outdoors!

Windbreaker jacket,Easy to wear

The elements of contrasting colors can be said to be enduring and have always been favored by trend-setters, with an unsurpassable fashion status. On the premise of shielding you from the wind and rain and escorting you, the bright and strong color contrast can make people’s eyes shine, and various fashion styles when going out on the street. This nylon-woven windbreaker jacket is not only strong in color fastness, but also wear-resistant and non-absorbent. Windproof and quick-drying features are best for summer. After a hearty workout, you don’t have to worry about your coat sticking to your body anymore.
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Windbreaker fabric

Simple and stylish with high functionality

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Windbreaker — Polyamide

The composition is 100% Polyamide, which is a commonly used windbreaker fabric. The cloth surface is embossed, showing a matte horizontal stripe effect, which is unique; in addition, the cloth is densely organized, making the cloth thicker and stronger, and has waterproof and windproof effects, providing better thermal insulation effect, suitable for It is used as material for custom 2-in-1 windbreaker/3-in-1 windbreaker jacket, group windbreaker or uniform windbreaker and promotional windbreaker.

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Windbreaker — Plush

In terms of production process, the technical requirements of waterproof and breathable fabrics are much higher than that of ordinary tarpaulin fabrics. The waterproof and breathable fabric enhances the air-tightness and water-tightness of the fabric, and at the same time, its unique vapor-permeable performance can quickly discharge the water vapor inside the structure and keep the human body always dry, which perfectly solves the problem of ventilation, windproof and waterproof. New type of fabric, suitable for different windbreakers.
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Windbreaker — Composite cloth

Composite cloth surface is not only windproof and waterproof, but also has a comfortable and soft feel of knitted fabric. Therefore, this kind of fabric is different from the traditional method of adding a net to the inner layer of the wind jacket. It can be worn directly, making the wind jacket more close-fitting. Because of its high price, it is suitable for group promotion activities of some large-scale events or employee uniforms of large enterprises.
In addition to the above windbreaker fabrics, we also provide many different fabrics to meet the different needs of customers, please feel free to contact us for more fabric selection and introduction.

The popularity of windbreakers

The windbreaker windbreaker, which became popular in the early years, was originally designed for mountaineers. It is a special jacket for mountain climbing with cold resistance, windproof, waterproof, breathable and wear-resistant. But recently, more and more trendy people choose to use windbreaker windbreaker. Replacing the general sports jacket, the cut is simple and easy to match, and the waterproof material is more comfortable to wear. Whether you want to be more individual, or like a sweet and sporty style, just put on a good-looking jacket!

Why choose windbreaker

An indispensable element for fashion and outfits

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It is recommended to choose a monochromatic wind jacket, which is less prone to errors. You can use short skirts or high-waisted jeans with windbreakers, plus short boots, to elongate the proportion and look thinner at the same time, and make the whole person sweet and individual; if you like a more casual style, you can use a jacket with the A-line Long skirts or cotton skirts, and then use saturated caps or fisherman hats to light up the overall atmosphere, it is a fashionable and not boring everyday wear!

【Windbreaker】| Windbreaker jacket | Zenus Uniform

Windbreaker | Windbreaker jacket— FAQ

The windbreaker jacket not only has good waterproof, windproof and breathable performance, but also very warm, which will bring you a different outdoor experience! The so-called professional waterproof means that no matter how wet you are sitting or walking in a harsh environment with wind and rain, it can effectively block the intrusion of rainwater and frost and snow, so that the rainwater cannot penetrate into the clothes and make you feel wet and dry. cold.
Soft shell jacket will be a better choice. It adds a waterproof layer to the warm and windproof fabric. It is a kind of clothing between fleece jackets and jackets. It has good windproof effect, breathable, warm effect and good waterproof. Water splash effect.

First of all, a few relatively important concepts of wind jackets are defined.

Waterproof and breathable are always contradictory, and soft shells are no exception. Waterproof and breathable must be weakened. Anything that is blown to be very waterproof and breathable can be ignored directly. After clarifying these points, we can basically draw the following types of soft shells:

  • High breathability, low water repellency and thermal insulation.
  • Low breathability, high water repellency and thermal insulation.
Soft shell windbreaker, for example, whether a hooded design is required, if so, the cutting and closing of the hat should be paid attention to; the zipper head should preferably be wrapped with plush to increase the comfort; the design of the pockets, is it right? It is convenient to use; whether the design of sleeve cuffs affects the movement, and whether there are special parts with wear-resistant reinforcement design; fabric brand, elasticity

Windbreaker – Dress appropriately. Before you do anything, you must consider all the possible situations you may encounter, so that you can be confident. Before going out, check the weather, whether it will rain, and whether the clothes are appropriate, so as not to make yourself embarrassed.